Saturday, 17 January 2015

Why Do Geeks Need to Write?

          In order for the world to expand it's knowledge with innovative ideas from outstanding individuals, one must learn and have the key skill of communication to communicate one's ideas with the world. There are many forms of communication and writing is a very important one! I guess you're wondering, 'Who may these outstanding individuals be?' Even if you aren't, well the answer is anyone, geeks included. Our mind is constantly producing such exceptional and phenomenal ideas that the world is just waiting to hear. In order for people to share their ideas they must communicate their ideas in a way that is accessible and easy for everyone to reach, which is why writing is such an important skill for geeks (or anyone)!
    Let's take Sir Isaac Newton for example...
         This handsome fellow was filled with such brilliant and extraordinary ideas and concepts that helped shape science as a whole. All of his work and his theories were published in the famous Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica, which he published himself. But where would science be if he had not published his work and ideas in writing? Will one simply just keep communicating one's ideas to another until the word gets around? But let's take the game "Broken Telephone", as a message gets passed on to another and gets to the very last person in the chain, the message that has been passed on has been changed with a different meaning that it once had originally from the beginning. A good way of avoiding this is to keep it in writing, in black and white proof, so that nothing can be disoriented. Also, if he had not published his writing and ideas in text, other geeks that came after him would not be able to expand or correct his ideas in more scientific accuracy. This could result in scientist stating the same theory over and over without knowing that it already exists when the theory could already have been expanded on. This also allows scientists to work together to make the process easier and more efficient by working as a community.
       I know this example is science/physics based but this applies for all geeks in any field including Computer Science. Communicating in a text based interaction is a very important skill for geeks to do to expand technology and to expand the worlds knowledge. It is also beneficial to learn and explain mistakes you've made and have learned from. Another excellent example is Piazza. If one has any questions or important statements that they may think may be important and beneficial for other classmates to know, their ideas and questions will get around a lot quicker resulting us to all work as a community for each others successes. Taking the Piazza concept and putting it into blog form... you get SLOGS, which is this very post right now (my very first one to say the least). The main thing that i'm trying to get at is: Writing is an important skill that geeks need to know and must learn in order to present and share their ideas to the world to expand the world's knowledge as a community for everyone's benefit. 

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