Friday, 27 March 2015

Week 11

     Reading my previous posts, I have seen that I had great trouble with Recursion. Now that I have done many exercises dealing with recursion, I feel pretty comfortable with them as we have done so many functions in Assignments 2 and 3 that it's coming naturally when you're trying to implement a recursion method.

Also, Linked Lists now aren't so bad. I think the trick is to continue doing exercises until you get the hang of it and start gaining comfortability dealing with these sets of problems. Anyway that's all I could really write about this week and everything else has been going pretty well.

Other news, the STRIKE IS FINALLY OVER. I don't know how the strike ending the week before school's done is going to affect our marking scheme but I feel like all of my courses have been on a rocking boat and swaying in so many directions that I don't even know what will happen. Im just hoping for the best because I really want to get the most out of my tuition fee and I feel like I did not get that this year. But hey! Welcome back TAs, I have missed you! I have now come to realize how much Computer Science courses rely on labs and tutorials to understanding and apply the concepts we've learned. I hope this doesn't happen again in the near future. It's really a struggle.


  1. Yeah, I really agree with that CS relies on labs a lot. My CS courses are really in a mess during the strike.

    By the way, your blog name is really funny, XD

  2. Glad to see your growing confidence in recursion! Thanks for your tips! :)