Thursday, 2 April 2015

CSC148 Final Impression, omg!

      WAIT WHAT?!? We're done? Well that definitely flew by. I'd like to say that I very much enjoyed this course and the assignments were very fun. I especially enjoyed the game making assignment as it was very fun seeing your program actually do something interactive. Whereas in CSC108, we just had to implement methods and didn't really see how they all worked together. It was a very rewarding feeling after spending nights and nights trying to get the program working but once it did, it was such a priceless feeling.

     I was quite sad when labs were cancelled due to strike because that was one thing I was actually excited about. Going to labs to test if we understood what we learned in lectures. It was actually cool to have hands on experience in a lab ad collaborating with others in the section to prove some problems. Without labs, it was a struggle to understand a few concepts without TAs and working on them by yourself is not enjoyable either. I'm just glad that I got through them and the tests were very straight forward and as long as you've worked and tried the labs, you were good for them.

    I think the course itself has some interesting concepts that we learned this term such as recursion. As confusing as it is, it's quite cool to call its own function in its own method. Working with trees was also interesting. Most of the things that we learned really improves efficiency as seen in StrategyMinimax.

    I would say that it was a great term and thank you to all the TAs and Proffs that made this course a great one. Also a big shout out to the Profs, even though some labs and TA support were wiped out for us, you still tried to make the impact of the strike as little as possible. We still covered majority of the content and we had a small impact on our course marking scheme. I really enjoy computer science for someone who had no prior knowledge coming in and I enjoy all of the logical thinking, problem solving and the trial and errors that it entails and I plan on continuing as a major with another major in who knows what...... :) Anyways, happy programming and it was a good semester! Cheers Geeks! :) Keep SLOG-ing. It's important (refer to week 1 post) :P

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